Monday, November 29, 2010

nail tips

Okay So I have been in a spa sorta mood lately ever since mean and shelby gave me my super cute toes and thought I would share some great nail tips with you guys.

1. I prefer to use a cuticle cream and push back my cuticles rather the clip them I will only clip if I have a hang nail.

2. buff away ridges (not with a file but with a buffer with different textures so you get them smooth and shiny..opi has a pretty good one.

3.I prep the nail by running nail polish remover over them to remove oils and help the polish bond.

4.Then you use a great base coat I love orly Bondor it has rubber to help the polish stick.

5. if your polish is getting thick you can thin it a bit by throwing a few drops of acetone in it and rolling it between your hands

6. Always roll your polish and not shake that creates bubbles

7. when pulling the brush out don't run it over the top to remove extra polish this will eventually glue your bottle shut swirl it us you pull out and it will do the trick :)

8. use two thin coats of color instead of one thick it dries better.

9. wait in between coats for it to dry

10.use a great top coat mine is gelous. (I perfer gel coats they stay longer

11. go just over the tip of the nail to get the underneath a bit this will help prevent chipping.

12. Let nails dry all the way!!

13. run under cool water and apply a thick coat of lotion all over to give a bit of slip.

14. You can always add another top coat in a few days to give more shine and help color last.

That is it all my nail wisdom. I found some cute videos I thought I would share to help out with this since I love my zebra nails mean Taylor gave me

and because I will always love french tips

I used her system picked up a cheap eye shadow brush from walmart when I grabbed bread and coffee today took me ten minutes and they look like I just stepped out of the nail shop on the first try and took a quarter of the time to dry as my usual system for french tip!!! Brilliant

Enjoy guys!!!

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