Saturday, February 20, 2010

norwedgian coffee

Norwegian coffee Saturday

So today was the day for testing out my new peculator by making Norwegian coffee. Here is how it goes:

you start with this here one egg some coffee (you can use a regular soup pot but I like to use a peculator)
fill the peculator pot with water mine was filled to 9c mark

use a tiny bit more coffee then you would in your average coffee pot (i usually would use 2T i used 3T) break the egg open and mix into grounds also throw in the shell and use the back side of spoon to mash us very well then add a splash of cold water (few T spoons)

pour it into the basket in pot and close her all back up
(I have found that if you spray some non-stick spray in the basket before pouring it in the clean up is easier and I dont think it affects the taste at all)

This is my kitchen on a typical thurs. or sat. morning (my hubbys weekend days) I am making pancakes ( a few chocolate chip ones thrown into the fire monsters I am hoping it will sweeten her up a bit lol) and I have turkey bacon (yeah I know turkey bacon sucks but you would be surprised what you can make seem good after watching what you eat for almost two months now)

Here is the fire monster pancake (I let her eat on my daisy plate)
As for the coffee you let it perk until you see that the color in the little bubble in the top is a nice dark golden color. It will be lighter then your typical coffee but far darker then tea. I strain mine through my reusable coffee filter as i pour it into our cups (it isn't a must but I am anal like that) And there you have it a very smooth delish cup of coffee. Dunkin dark is awesome with out but there is a chemical reaction that the acidity in the coffee bonds with the egg and shell and makes it smoother and easier on your tummy.

It is a great great weekend treat for sure. This is how the hubbys looks he takes his black

I take a splenda and a splash of sugar free fat free hazelnut cream (I know it looks like more then a splash but the coffee is actually very clear and golden more then it looks in the hubbys cup it is because the egg helps filter it better.) it is very yummy. And just to set the record straight I took it off to early the first time and it looked more like tea put it back on it was perfect and then poured me and the hubby a cup and went to pour the rest into our insulated coffee pot to keep it warm and spilled my cup so had to make a whole nother pot since i waisted two out of 4 cups worth of coffee (not to mention a nice big mess)

Here is my breakfast I have two smallish pancakes made with the heart smart Bisquick and some turkey bacon. By the way I find the best way to make crappy turkey bacon the most like real bacon is to lightly grease a glass baking dish with canola oil and then bake it in there til looks like that nice and crisp. (meh it works)

Here is the end product. Well I am off to grab another cup of coffee before my hubby gets to it and then lay around for a while knitting and watching tv before i have to get up and go to my sisters for family dinner. We are all making Mexican for her hubbys b-day. My red haired sis will be at guard til later this afternoon (national guard) so it will mostly be me and my other sis cooking. I hear the hubby and fire monster practicing singing happy bday to uncle Larry while she is in the tub how cute is that lol.

Tomorrows post a family dinner chronicled...

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  1. I'm intrigued by your coffee, though I'm pretty sure my hubby would poo poo it.
    My boys love just dance. It's one of the few games that we can all play together.
    As for your dragon car. It looks a lot like our first car. It was a 1980 dodge colt, and yes, it was a manual transmission. It eventually turned into a pile of rust colored dust in our driveway.