Friday, April 23, 2010

teddies tulips

So when I was a child growing up in Washington tulips were a big thing to me. I always knew that it meant that the cold harsh weather and hard times were a thing of the past spring was here and better things were to come when I saw the tulips and daffodils had bloomed. In my mind they meant hope and a new beginning. I loved them.
Up on the coast of Washington there is a big area where they have Fields and Fields full of tulips. I remember going there many times with my family as a child to see all the tulips blooming. All the beautiful Fields of tulips of all different colors and shapes and sizes. It was breath taking.

One year me and my dad went out in our back yard and planted tulip bulbs along side of our house. Every year those tulips would bloom. Red and yellow and eventually they became a bit of hybrids with a mix of both. My dad used to call me every year and say our tulips are blooming :)

Then when my dad passed away in may of 2006 from a short lived battle with lung cancer I went and bought the most beautiful Orange/peach tulips I had ever seen to bring to the memorial service. After word I sent them home with my pregnant niece my dad was very fond of because her baby meant a beautiful new beginning.

My mom still calls some times of texts me pictures of me and my dads tulips that are still there blooming.

A few years ago me and a few girl friends were sitting around enjoying a glass of wine and knitting and we came up with the idea to do some tulips socks. My girl Friend sent me a rough draft of the tulip petal part it sat there until now I added the stem and leaf and there you go. Teddies tulips were born.

My dad was a guy some things good some things bad. He wasn't perfect but he was my dad and I loved him. Tulips will always remind me of the childhood awe a daughter hold for her father.

Love you daddy

here we come weekend

Well fire monster is going to her grandmas for the weekend with my sister in law. I spent some extra time with her last night. We curled up to snuggle and watch monster house. She would get really into it and look at me wide eyed and say this is soo scary. :) This is her soo enthralled. She was very cute but she is very naughty and I am also very much looking forward to some just me and hubby time. :)

Okay so moving on... for any ov you who are netfilx fans. You know that one flap of paper you always rip off and throw away well one day I happened upon a site that has a whole bunch of origami things you can make out of it. So stock pile them up and the next non school day or rainy day that the kids are driving you crazy set the to work :)
here is one heart

and a little pouch I also made a box but fire monster smashed it and ripped it up...
Other then that I finished the be mine socks that monkey butt insisted I had to make for her

We skipped the cables on the foot because she is sooooo picky I was worried that the feeling would bother her when she wore shoes. It is made from trekking that the lovely Lynn brought for her during fire monsters 1st bday party. and from two at a time socks the book she gave me for my birthday a few years ago :)

They aren't my favorite aren't my least favorite either. but she loves them to pieces. Since the fire monster will be gone until Sunday I decided I could start this...

There is a long story behind this we will get to it later... but for now I have to finish these socks so I can spend all weekend in bed with the hubby movies and Chinese delivery :)
Have a good weekend guys

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

here we go again...

So my hubby's grandma is sick and she is in the hospital. We knew she had lymphoma but now they think that she has a aneurysm that is leaking??? I don't know what that means besides the fact that it made the hubby take off a whole day of work. We drove up with the sis in law to see the grams.
She was good and in good spirits she lasted quiet a while before the pain started again. So we hung out and spent time together my brother in law and father in law came down too. The baby in the picture is my brother in laws possibly...(they are having a paternity test done because there is more then one possible dad classy I know lol) But he was cute and we loved him up non the less. Fire monster was in love with him and he liked her too. She would talk to him and get him to quit crying and she couldn't keep her eyes off him.

Here is her and Devon laying on his blanky hanging out.

Here is me trying to snuggle the baby and showing a tad too much cleavage and of coarse fire monster had to get in on the action. I did get to get in some knitting on the drive. So I have finished the tea and scandal socks.

These are one of my favorite pairs of socks ever I love them. The pattern was fun to knit and follow and they are very pretty.

The diamonds are so fun

and The laciness was so pretty. I got them done and dove into so micro monkeys for the fire monster. I made them out of the berroco sock yarn me and shelby picked out after we went to see Coraline at the theater It had very Coraline like colors.

They are awfully cute on her little tootsies

she enjoyed them and the fact that they are sparkly. Now I am on to some socks for monkey butt. I am no less stressed and frustrated then last week. My hubby is working 10 hour days at mosquito control not to mention the hours at his second job. He is thinking that we should let fire monster go to his moms this weekend with his sister. I am torn. There are lots of big up sides to this but there is also a really big negative. So we will see how it all pans out. :) Well I am crabby and exhausted and stressed. I am going to force monkey butt to go to bed.
Hope you guys are good. :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

the crabbiest crab fishing sunday...

so my Sunday went like this...
Ben started work at 6:30 a.m. I got up around 8:30 a.m. ate some strawberry shortcake with fire monster for breakfast. Asked her if she wanted to help with chores or watch tv in her room. Set her up with tv in her room and then started my chores. I started folding laundry in came fire monster. She seemed to never have left from under my feet for the rest of the day...
I did chores and listened to a Charlaine Harris sookie stackhouse book on my ipod until about noonish.

Painted my toenails with a cute french pedicure. watched deadliest catch and knit for like 10 hours while that dried...
got like 5 calls from the ex asking if Ben was off yet to meet him and take monkey butt home...
did more chores...
broke in some heels...
cooked lunch....
took fire monster potty 90 times...
put dinner in crock pot...
called the hubby and complained and begged him to come home, was he almost done, did he have any clue when he would be done...
put one deadliest catch and knit some more....
fought with fire monster...
did more chores...
got 5 more calls from ex....
called hubby whined more....
about 6:00 said screw it and made a margarita....
(not the margarita with deadliest catch crab fishers in the back ground...hi boys keep up the good work)
turned a heel...
got call from ex...
called hubby....
turned another heel.....
monkey butt got home....
swept up about 200 ants and gave them a burial at sea (flushed them)...
made burritos and took my jug of margarita and lap top into the bathroom to take a long quiet bath while watching deadliest catch....
I made it Ben's 12 hour day is over... he put in over 80 hours this week and I would like to thank both sookie stackhouse, All of the elite Alaskan crab fisher man, and the makers of margaritaville margarita mix... We made it through boys and everyone made it home safe... :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

block block and more blocks..

So here is the finished product of the curlers. The monkey butt really enjoys some curly hair (as all of us straight haired girls do)

Today has been a rough one. For some reason I am just having a day where nothing is coming easy. Every thing has to be done the hard way and after numerous tinks and at least 4 restarts on my stupid Anastasia socks I have ripped them and conceded to the fact that I am going to have to make them toe up and I am soo not in the mood I may just hid the sock yarn some where in a bag and not look at it for months like i have in the past. ( I am beginning to think my knit one crochet two ty dy sock yarn I had to have last year is evil since it has caused me nothing but pain at this point. ) I think it has some sort of bad ju ju.

Alas I will move on and show you what I got done before I touched the accursed sock yarn. I made sock blockers out of place mats that are the size for monkey butt and my nephews socks. The place mats where thinner then I would like but they have small feet so I cut 4 and hot glued two layers together for nice thick sock blockers.

Here and the monkey mans socks. I finished them and tossed them on the sock blockers to get a shot. I have tons of hand washes that need done my leaf t these socks lots of other things but I just don't have the heart for it today. I think I may have to read tonight since I am scared to try to start anything else and my socks just were ripped again and I think I might sob uncontrollably if I screw up again. I don't understand where this is so hard for me I have knit the 2 billion bead lace stole I have knit lots of complicated things but these socks are going to be the death of me (and what a embarrassing one that would be lol) Well I guess it is me and Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter and the cranky over worked hubby tonight lol. Wish me luck people. I think I need it and If I should be mysteriously hung by some sock yarn...I warned you people it was evil !!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

beauty ugly betty night in my house

so me and butt monkey usualy do facials and manicures on ugly betty night but tonight we decided to put her hair in rollers.

Doesn't she just look like the cutest old lady lol. She loves this and her hair alwasy looks so cute the next day. I will of coarse post a pic tomorrow of the finished product.

We wrap her hair up with a net or bandana while she sleeps to help keep the curlers secure. it lookslike this ----------------------------------------->

She looks just like my grandma lol.

Here is what else I was working on my second linoleum dish cloth. I loved the first one and I love the pattern soo much. It is really a great creative one.

And here are the pics of the finished product of my raglan leaf t. I love it soo much. I really love it the yarn feels so nice even though me and the hubby hate the silly photo sessions it takes to get fo shots.

Here is one where I am not rolling my eyes.

and here is the full length. I really like it. I made it extra long added ribbing around the sleeves and neck line and bottom. So there you have it people. I will see you tomorrow for the finished hair shots of monkey butt :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

fo hat sweater

So I have been busy busy busy around here. It was a very stressful day and I am super exhausted but I couldn't wait to show you guys monkey butts cute hat. She loves it and was super excited.
the pattern is cabled chapeau by Debbie stroller and it was made with left over yarn from her sweater. I also put buttons on the sweater finally. I also plan on making her all day beret. But I need to get cute yarn for it. I am very happy with it and the sweater. The brim was cut from a cool whip container.

Isn't she cute :) I have been doing lots of organizing. Today I did cupboards. Last night I did my knitting goods (not all of it just the yarn hid in the coffee table and my needles and I filed some of my patterns and things. I have some new things I can't wait to knit but I need some yarn for some of them I am thinking that I will have to do some socks next probably but to de-stress today I am knitting a dish cloth. I am going to watch biggest loser and then climb into the tub and watch the season finale of life unexpected. I can't wait. Oh and the hubby had two of four of his extra days dropped from his schedule at his second job but he has SO much mandatory overtime every day right now so still not much more hubby time yet but the pay check when he does get paid should be nice. This just means a really good present for mothers day :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

the heart break of hereditary illness's

So today started out at a bit before 6:00 a.m. I was awoken by fire monster crying because her daddy wasn't in bed with us anymore. But I quickly realized once she calmed down that she sounded like she swallowed a rubber ducky her throat was making I high pitched squeak (I made sure it wasn't her nose by plugging it) She couldn't get comfy because she couldn't breath So I took her gave her Zyrtec benadryl and nose spray and aspirated her and sat in a bathroom with the shower running hot to make it good and steamy nothing made the squeak go away. So then I gave her tea with honey and lemon that got the squeak to lessen but you could still hear her wheezing from across the room. with quick call to my sister in law she came over and gave her a neb she sounded way better but if you but your ear to her chest she still was wheezy. So we had to take her into the Dr and since we are one of the millions of family's with out insurance that means high costs but what do you do she's my baby.

So we took her in she has asthma. Which I had as a kid I did too and it is soo sad to watch her struggling for breath and coughing and wheezing. So here she is taking her "dinosaur meds". My poor baby. Breaks my heart. She has that a steroid and two allergy meds!!! Poor baby. but hopefully she feels better.

For god sake this is what my kitchen counter looks like now. These are all our meds between me the hubby and fire monster. What a mess we are. potty training is going good by the way afternoon very well. I am soo exhausted between the nebing, potty, kindergarten, cooking, Dr's appointments, cleaning and not enough sleep not to mention the hubby is not only working his normal 72 hours this week but OVERTIME and I have two hair cuts and foils tomorrow. I am ready for bed lol. Thank good for girl Friends. My sister in law who we are going to pretend that I have never had a bad thought about in my life since she saved both me and my baby fire monsters butts this week she is a savior and I have a girlfriend coming over tomorrow night for a few glass's of wine after a rough week.
Well ladies off to put two girls to bed and knit my self into a sound slumber...oh wait first I have to set up the hubby's lunch and coffee for tomorrow since he wont be home until 11:00 and will have to be up at 5:00 yuck...
Bulleted List

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So I am feeling a bit better and the potty training is going a bit worse. I seem to recall the second day being harder with monkey butt too so I am trying not to sweat it too bad. She had three accidents today all after two in the afternoon. She was accident free all morning.

Then the hubby came home and I made this for dinner it is whole wheat spaghetti noodles, mushrooms, grape tomatoes, and chicken in a white wine sauce. It was very good I don't know the ww point value for it

Then I made this for dessert. I cut the strawberries tossed them with a artificial sweetener made the biscuits with Bisquick heart healthy mix and water instead of milk and cool whip free. It totals at 3 points for this large bowl nummmmmy .

I snuck this picture of the hubby off to do his jujitsu class. He just looked too cute like a little boy getting ready for his first karate class or something it was very cute.
here is the progress on my leaf t. None of the progress was made today though because I was doing potty breaks every 30 minutes and cleaning up potty, Fighting with monkey butt over what is okay to wear to school in 50 degree weather and trying to get my house back in order after a few sick days. I was very very upset earlier because fire monster was in her mid afternoon snit she gets in because she doesn't nap anymore. She was yelling at me about something and kicked the cup I had full of cherry limeade crystal light (trying to keep hydration up) and it went all over our tan chair that isn't stain treated the light beige carpet a basket stored under it with diapers and yarn I am working on my project with right now!!!

I am very upset I tried to get it out the best I could but alas I am doomed my poor shirt is stained before it is ever even made!!! must be a record. Well I am going to pop a few Advil and make every one hit the hay early after this exhausting day. Hope every one is having a great day.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

taking some sick days

Okay so here things around here have been insane. I have been sick since last week. I am on meds but not sure if they are helping. I did get the as I have come to know it "god forsaken moose hat" done. Here is pics of it on the hubby's head. The thing is very long. I have read many that have that complaint though.

here it is all the glory

take note of the longness I was complaining about. Other then that we spend Easter at the sis's and it was great awesome food. The girls got tons of change and some dollars during the Easter egg hunt

monkey butt spent her money from the hunt on some cute flip flops from target

fire monster spent hers one some princess frog undies.

which we promptly put into action with a new potty chair. This definitely made for way more craziness but at the end of the day she only had one accident and she is in love with her new musical potty :)
So don't be shocked if you don't' see much of me for a few days but I am sure I will have my hands full with her potty training and until I quit spending my mornings on the bathroom floor with nausea I don't have much time on my hands :) and just to be very clear no there won't be any new additions to the powers mafia it is just a u.t.i.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

fairisle/ bb pancakes

You know you love a man when you knit him fairisle

Well I am am going to start this post by sharing with you one of my familys new favorite breakfasts. I use Bisquick heart healthy mix (2c) water (1.25c) and two egg whites and here is the kicked that makes these the best a few good table spoons of polaners blue berry preserves. They are awesome fluffy yummy blue berry pancakes that are soo good and 3 is only 5 points. I mix all of it up using my cast iron skillet and a bit of canola oil I cook them by the quarter cup full on a 4 (med low) when the bubbles start popping flip you will have perfect awesome pancakes every time. My family has been begging for them. Fire monster ate 3 the last two times I made them with no problem and only stopped because I ran out.

I put brummel and brown on mine and sprinkle of powdered sugar yummy ...

Here is what I made for Easter Sunday for the fam..

Busy woman's lemon sour cream pie..

and strawberry cream cheese pie. Both of these recipes are my mommy Sherry's recipes (she is my friends mommy who has taken me in :) we love her and we love her yummy goodies)
The pie crusts which were made from scratch are her recipes too . I can hardly wait to dig into those. I will not give out her secret recipes though. :)
I also made cheesy potato's but they are in the fridge in my Pyrex dish waiting until we get there tomorrow to be cooked.

I worked on this the past few days. I knit it all the way up ripped it knit it again. and now am done it is blocking. I am so happy to be done with that. I am just not a good fairisle knitter. I have one more fairisle project that needs to be done for my nephew but I can only bring my self to do so much at a time.

Next I think will be a shirt for me. Another raglan leaf t. Another great event worth mentioning was I got to go to knit group at knitters palette the other day and see some great knitters that it is always a pleasure to see. It is such a great joy any time I get there. Pam's shop is really that nicest place to go. The decor is cozy and the staff is so sweet and welcoming. I just love it. The group of ladies who meet there are a blast too. My Valerie was there with her new wheel too that was a treat to see her spinning. Well alas the hubby is home and I must prepare Easter business. Happy Easter people