Saturday, July 27, 2013

maternity photo shoot

 Since this is more then likely going to be our last baby we wanted to commemorate it.  We had my amazing girlfriend Stephanie who did our family pics a few years ago do some maternity pics for us.  I am soo glad we did do this and I am in love with the shots.  I thought I would share.(here are a few favs)
We got some of me and my amazing hubby and the bump. 

I altered this one and changed it to sepia and brought back the color of my necklace.

 Steph altered this one.
 (we clearly can't make a heart with our hand lol )

I adore this one of Benji kissing my baby bump.
 This is another great one Steph altered.

I got some great ones of me and the girls and the bump

I altered this one to be sepia and brought back the color of the umbrella.
 Here is the before..
 I got some great ones of my girls together.

 (this is my girlfreind stephs little girl with Fire monster)

 A few shots of them with their cousins.

 A few great alone shots

  Monkey but black and white with the color brought back in her eyes. Love the freckles.

 This is all we could get of fire monster because she was busy catching frogs with my gfs little girl lol.

 A few of me alone.

 A couple of me and my sister.

And best of all a great pic of my great little family before the big change happens and our foursome becomes five.  

 Have a good one guys.

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