Friday, July 5, 2013

31 w update

Sorry this is late guys.  I have had a busy week.  I am exhausted but my allergies were killing me and I couldn't sleep so I decided what better time to sit myself down and get this done.  Okay what has happened between weeks 30 and 31.  Well Monkey butt had 4 performances of the play beauty and the beast.  She did great and we were super proud of her.  My sister, Calvin and her hubby all came for one performance and they took fire monster home with them Saturday night.  Then sunday Monkey butts family came to watch and took her home with them.  Sooo...I had 4 days with no kids.  No I didn't get a ton accomplished and yes the time flew by.  I missed my girls and shed some tears.  It is crazy how kids can drive you to the brink of insanity but with out them we are lost!

Any who with in a 24 hour period of fire monsters visit 2 of their pets died.  My sister had 3 cats one of which was a tiny not old enough to be away from its mom baby kitten they kept shut in her craft room and 3 dogs, a st Barnard a husky and a German Shepard and yes...she is crazy and no she doesn't live on a  Fire monster had checked on the kitten and thought she got the door shut she said she got to the second step to go down stairs and heard the door open. The German Shepard had tried to pick up the kitten and broke its neck!  (it was pretty sad and traumatic and Evea didn't tell anyone what the story really was for days.) But that same day over night my sisters husky passed away.  (he was older and had issues for a while).  So that was allot for a 5 year old and my now 9 year old nephew with autism to take in. 

Calvin was heart broken over the kitten, but I happened to know that the women who had given us whiskers had some new kittens to give away and one looked just like our little guy.  So we picked him up on the way to calvins birthday and now they own whiskers mini-me.  They will integrate him with the dogs and he is bigger then the tiny kitten and tougher.  If he is anything like his brother he will fend just fine so long as he doesn't have a heart attack when he sees Lola the st Bernard and think she is a bear.   This guy is even more feisty then whiskers if that is believable.  Whiskers was more sheltered because he was abandoned and bottle fed, where as this guy was outside with his brothers and sisters and was handled and is used to interaction with people but he spent most of his days tumbling around with 9 other kittens and being naughty.  For instance whiskers curled up on my chest and slept the whole way home when we got him, this guy wouldn't quit climbing me and I finally gave up and put him in the car carrier where he curled up and went to bed for the 3 hour ride.  My sis says he is doing great though and she sees lots of whiskers behaviors in him.

We are now up in the cities we have my Fire monster back which is soo nice.  We are going to be getting ready for a baby shower with family and a couple close friends tonight.  We will be here for the weekend enjoying time with the family and relaxing on what will be one of our last trips to the cities since I only have the month of july left to travel and will be in the no fly zone through august.  I hope everyone had a fabulous 4th of july.  I am off to find some food and my allergy meds.  :) 

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