Monday, July 15, 2013

maternity pics sneak peek.

This weekend we were out of town because we went to the twin cities for a maternity photo shoot with my girl friend Stephanie.  Things even the night before morning of were still being decided because there was dicey weather.  This morning she put up a few shots as a sneak peek.  I had to share them and can't wait to see how some of the other fun shots turned out.  Here they are...

A fun one with me my hubby on the max belly..

 Here is my girls looking cute..
 Me and the hubster.  (I am trying very hard to ignore my double chin in some of these and some puffiness lol I am 8 months preggo for gods sake I must cut myself a break)
 Here is me and my beautiful sis Melissa.

A great family shot..
 Another me and hubbys hands on the max belly 
And this one is one of my favs.  Since the weather was going to be dicey me and my sister in law checked out some bright umbrellas at target the night before pics she scored this awesome rainbow one and loaned it to me. 
I know there will be a ton of other great ones.  My girl friend Steph is the one who did our family photos two years ago and I adore those.  I hope you guys are having a great Monday I need to get my self going on laundry from the trip and get myself ready for the drs today.  

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