Wednesday, July 17, 2013

33 week update

Okay so this week has been a bit crazy.  Starting last thursday I was having sharp pains in my stomach.  Not round ligament pains but on the inside.  My Dr suggested just taking a bath when I called well they kept up and I went in and had them do a lab only  test on me (meaning I didn't see my dr) and I had a bladder infection.  Started my meds went through the weekend and I was still having pains but I had a drs scheduled for monday.  She did the once over on me and checked me and had a ultrasound done.  Must me the bladder infection was taking longer to heal then usual.

 Anyway the ultra sound showed that Max is breech.  Which it is still early not much to be concerned about but I found out the lump I always feel in the top of my belly is his head!!  Aparently he doesn't care for being upside down.  I am hoping he changes his mind because I don't want to have to have my third baby by c section!!   Here is a pic from the ultrasound.   It is his profile

I also got a few more pics from the maternity shoot.  Here is one of me and the hubster...

 Here is fire monster and my g.f.s little girl (she had to get in ont he picture action) Fire monster and Shyla are quiet the dou.  They were off catching frogs and we had to drag fire monster back to finish the shoot. literally)
 Here are my two monkeys giggling and being silly.
 I forgot to post this video of max on the move last week.  :)  Me and monkey butt were watching the notebook.  She has discovered Nickolas Sparks.  She watched safe haven with me and loved it so we tried notebook she liked that at the moment we are watching lucky one.  (seems to be another hit)

Anyway I am going to make my girls some lunch and start tossing stuff in the crock pot for dinner.  :)  Hope you guys are having a great day.

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