Wednesday, July 31, 2013

35 week update.

Okay guys, it has been a long week.  I started getting nose bleeds and headaches over the weekend and have been dealing with that since Saturday.  I still have one but my o.b. is thinking sinus infection so I started antibiotics tonight.  I have been miserable for days! I was in and out of the drs a few different times before they came to this conclusion.  Any who as of today at drs Max was head down but he still some how finds enough room to flip around in there because he is now sideways again!  He should roughly be 5.5 pounds and about 18.2''.  He has had the hiccups allot.  I took a video this morning of him with the hiccups. :)  Double click on the video and it will show the full size.

Excuse the no make up picture which is poor quality (not my 9 year old photographers best work!).  I always say you know I am sick when I don't have any makeup on!.  Well I am going to get the girls a snack before bedtime and crash early myself.  :)  Have a good one guys.

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