Wednesday, July 24, 2013

34 w update

 Okay so this week was a busy one and it went pretty quick.  We had family in town all weekend and Monkey butt was at girl scout camp.  Fire monster learned to fish.  Although I found the energy to go all weekend with the family I have been exhausted the past few days and barely got a thing done it feels like.   I am up a total of 23 pounds as of this morning.  Max should be weighting about 5 pounds (but I would guess a bit more since last monday he was 4.8) and he should be 17.7 inches.  This week his skeleton will be hardening. 

It also says exhaustion aches and pains will be hurtles this week..which yup seems right on lol.  I have 42 days to go which also means two weeks until baby Max is full term and can be born at anytime!!!  Isn't that crazy!  Another big thing that happened this week was Kate and William had their baby/ future king of England.
I am sure his mother is watching over baby boy and very proud :)  Kate looks amazing!!  Yeah Don't get your hopes up people I won't be looking like that leaving the hospital I am sure lol. (way to set the bar high Kate lol) We have a busy day planned with a trip to the pool, its library day, and monkey butt has piano lessons which will all be in the works between now (noon) and when my hubby goes to bed at 6pm!  So I better get myself moving.  I hope you guys have a great day. 

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