Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Baby projects/notd

 I had a few random things that I wanted to share and I thought I would lump them into a random post.  I have a few projects and a nail of the day for you :)
The first project is one that was sitting on the table for a while.  It was a taggy for Max.  I had everything cut up and sitting there but hadn't sewn it.  So last friday I sat down took a few minutes and threw it through the machine :)  I did applt green for the minky and one ribbon and robins egg blue and grey for the other ribbons.  (matching the rest of the things I have sorta stuck to those colors)
 Another project I have had sitting there for a while was some a bunch of jeans with holes in the knees to make into eyelit lace shorts for fire monster.  I made the girls a few pairs for these last year and they were a huge hit.  They were one of those things that as soon as they were out of the drier they were back on the girls.  They are easy to make I did a post showing how last year (I will put a link to that here ). I got one pair done friday also. 
 The nail of the day today was wet and wild on a trip, the accent nails were sally hansen mint sprint then I did white on for under the polka-dots.  Just something cute and quick.  Mix it up from what I have been doing lately.

 I started one more project and that is a pair of socks for the soon to be kindergarten!!  I am not sure what I will do for the pattern yet but for the foot I am doing Cat Bordhis personal footprints.  I will decide the rest when the time comes lol.
I hope you guys are having a good day.  The days are seeming longer and longer around here so I am fixing to hit the hay:)  Have a good one guys.

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