Sunday, July 14, 2013

Heart 2 art nail review (animal print nails)

 Me and monkey butt ran to walmart for a few things a few weeks ago and like always I had to do the once over in the beauty department.  They had a whole new line of fun cheapy nail art.  We had to get a few fun things to try out.   There were tons we wanted to try but we only grabbed a few things.
One thing we got was a red nail art polish..not good at all.  The brush isn't small enough to do nail art it must just be meant for nail polish not art.   But we grabbed a few packs of nail decals (monkey butt took one set to her dads) but we kept these fun animal print ones here to try out.  There is zebra and leopard. 

 They are stickers not decals where you have to rub or anything.   You peel up what you want and place it where you want on the nail.  I trimmed some down to make them fit right and be what I wanted.  Monkey butt wanted to try zebra.  I peeled up the decals with tweezers and used them to place them.  Then put a top coat over the top. 
 I used the leopard on mine.  One wouldn't be quiet enough for my nails  So what I would do is peel them up with tweezers then use manicure scissors to trim them to the size I needed and save the extra for another nail. 
I put a top coat over them and they worked great much easier then painting them on your self.  They were cheap too.  They were 2.49 a pack!!  I have had them on for four days and I only put one top coat (normally I would touch up a few days in if I wanted mani to last longer but I was out of town).  They have tons of other great ones I can't wait to try stripes, fun nail overlays like lace and herringbone and full our nail covers (the girls want the glasses and mustaches and animals and stuff)  I got my niece a few different fun ones for her birthday I can't wait to see how she likes them.  If anyone has tried the other things let me know how you like them.  :) 

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