Friday, December 20, 2013

eye makeup haul and swatches

I bought myself some great eyeshadow palettes and had to share my thoughts and swatches.  
The coastal scents revealed palette I had to get this after I saw emily noels blog post about how 17 out of 20 are dupes for urban decay naked shades.  It was sold out and I signed up to know when it was back in stock not only did it come back in stock but was half price at 10$!!!  Beats paying 50 some for a urban decay palette! 

 Here are what the dupes are
 Here are swatches sorry so messy lol the left side is the top row and the right is bottom side.
Now another thing Emily had posted forever ago was that there was a forever 21 palette that had urban decay dupes but they no longer sold that one so I saw the Natural palette and thought it looked promising.  I believe it was 6$ and omg it is AMAZING quality.  The shadows are literally like butter and crazy pigmented.  I am in love.  I can't find it on the site but this looks more like what emily metioned

The last one I ordered was the nude tude palette by the balm from haute look It was on sale for 18$ 
Now tell me how freakin cute is this palette!!

 They are smooth, pigmented, great quality also.  I enjoy these.
Today I am rocking the forver 21 palette.  I also ordered some adorable stocking stuffers from there but I can't share those until after christmas :)

 Well I am off to have lunch with my handsome boys my hubby has 10 days off starting today!!  So we are going to enjoy the day with only Max James.  Have a great one guys.

best drugstore bold red lips.

 I was never a red lip girl until last fall.  I didn't think I could pull it off and it didn't look good on me.  Until I found one red lip I loved last year and I never looked back.  The great thing about a beautiful red lip is you can put on minimal other makeup some mascara and a eyeliner and you look chic and pulled together.  I have found some great drug store lipsticks that look great on everyone of all skin tones make your teeth look nice and white and there is one to fit in anyones budget.

Revlon lip butter in red velvet: it is shiny smooth and moisturizing slightly darker red. L'Oreal infallible in refined ruby: long lasting great not overly drying red lip with more of a satin/matte finish. Revlon color burst matte balm in stand out: This is a great matte long lasting nondrying lip it is a new fav.  But a great even cheaper alternative is elf matte lip color in rich red it is dirt cheap easier to apply and wears just about as well in my opinion and the remmil show off in big bang.  This is a liquid lipstick so it feels more like a gloss but is super pigmented and long lasting. On the end is a must for all bold lips a elf lip lock pencil you trace the outside of your lip and it helps prevent feathering or smudging also don't forget to exfoliate before applying my fav is the elf lip exfoliator.  It is awesome

In these pics I am wearing the revlon color burst matte balm.

 Now for those of you who just a not a red fan here is a few other great bold lip options I love.

Revlon fuchsia a great bright pink lip, wet and wild 908c (dupe for mac rebel) I love this but can be drying to balm before hand or after.  wet and wild black orchid not the longest wearing but nothing a good lipliner can't help and it is a great vampy color.
I hope you give a bold lip a try and find a option you love in here :)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

favorite new drugstore steals and must haves

 I have some new products I have found that I am in love with and I have been waiting to get a chance to share them but Max has been keeping me busy.  He finally is taking a decent nap and I am sitting down to share this with you guys quick.  
Now this isn't the first time I have mentioned my dry skin and now that it is winter in Minnesota and below 0 degrees my dry skin is in full effect and I have been looking for a cream bronzer that I like for contouring.  I tried the sonia kashuk one that is around 10$ it was a bit orange for my pale skin.  Then I saw the elf cream duo.  I love the powder one and this one has been the best bronzer option cream or powder I have found in a long time.  I apply it with the elf small stippling brush and it work fabulous.
 Another thing that is amazing is the real techniques makeup sponge (you can find it at ulta) it is about 5$ and a amazing dupe for the beauty blender the closest I have found yet.  It seems to be holding up amazing I have used it allot and washed it tons and it is great!!!..
  This next drug store love it the elf lip exfoliator it is a lip scrub in lipstick form.  So you don't have to get your hands messy to scrub those winter dry lips.  It is a pleasant brown sugar scrub.  Can't beat the price I can't remember if it was 3$ or 1$ either way soooo worth it.  I do this after washing my face and top it with balm but you should also use it before...
 This amazing matte lip color from elf.  It is in rich red.  It is a prefect blue tone red that makes your teeth look white, it isn't drying, and it great to apply because it is a think pencil type instead of the fat ones you can be extra precise.  It is a great holiday color had great lasting power and is dirt cheap!!  What is not to love.
So there are my drug store finds for the last month.  I hope you give them a shot and I hope you love them  as much as I do :)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

new mommy night time routine..

I think being a mom we need some daily routines to take time to make ourselves feel good and take care of our selves and my night time routine is one of those things I look forward to it most eveinings.  So I though I would share what works for me.Okay having a new born I don't wear make up everyday but at least half the week I make the effort to put on something just because I feel better and more put together when I do.  So that being said the first thing I have to do in my routine is remove my make up and I do that one of two ways.  

Option one is cold cream.  I love this I can't believe I haden't started using this years ago. I learned about on dulce candys channel (I don't add the avacado seed ).  I rub it all over and wipe if off with a wet wash cloth.  It even removes waterproof makeup!  It is great for dry skin also. 

Option two is my norwex make up remover cloths.  I love these they just require water and they scrub off your makeup.  If I have had a long day and am super tired I can lotion and stop after this step.
Next I wash my face and the current face wash I am using is this one by cervea.  I can't tell you how much I like it because it has only been a few days but so far so good.  After this I will remove left over mascara with what ever generic brand dupe for neutrogina eye makeup remover I have and a cotton round.

Anther option I add some nights is exfoliating my lips.  I am many ways I do this but my current fav is the elf lip exfoliator.  It is awesome non messy doesn't taste gross and is in a lip stick form. 

I then moisturize and I am using a cerave one that seems to be doing well.  (I am not sure this is the exact bottle because mine is blue but it has a pump)
On my way walking to bed I smooth a layer of this over my face and neck also.  It is 5$ for a giant tub and it works just as good as anything I have tried so far. 

Last but not least I have a little thing of this sitting on my night stand and I put a little on my lips to moisturize them over night :) 
Upon occasion there is a microdermabrasion or a face mask or eye cream but this was my low maintenance new mommy routine not my full out pamper routine.  What are your die hard products you use and swear by and can't skip.  I would love to hear.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

long time no see..

 Well Guys I am sorry it has been forever since I posted!!  The time has just flown by.  After the big scary mess that happened with Max's home coming.  I have been really staying home as much as possible and just taking care of and enjoying the little monster boy.  He was pretty colicky for a while there but he has come around.  He has his first cold right now but seems on the up swing and is in good spirits. He is now today 2 months old!!  He has started to sleep a good 5-6 hour stretch at the first half of the night which is heavenly.  I attribute it to a great (longggggg) bed time routine.  We give him a bath if it is bath night, then it is a baby massage to help with the tummy,pajamas and swaddling into a sleep sack,  then two to 3 bedtime stories, and a good feeding then bedtime.  He has really started to turn around since we started this nightly.  Plus I make sure he gets in some tummy time and enough exercise to get strong and wear himself out
Here are some recent pics..
Him rocking his dinosaur hat.
 His sweet little hands..

 Him enjoying his bumbo.  He loves it!!  We tuck a blanky to help stabilize him and I stay right there the whole time.  But it is good for him to build his muscles and he thinks it is hilarious.
 Playing with his mama..he is really starting to like to play and smile and even giggle or squeal every now and again.
 His reaction this morning when I was making monkey noises at it was a big hit.
 cutest dimples ever!!

This was him headed out to the drs the other day to get his cold checked out.

He is sleeping in his rock and play beside me right now (he has been in there all week to help elevate him due to his cold) but since we are up doing extra feedings and steamy bathrooms to help the cold that means less sleep so I am off to sneak in a nap before the girls get home.  :)  I will try to get better about posting.

Monday, September 16, 2013

max's newborn photos

 Today me and my g.f. Amy spent the morning torturing Max and sticking him in all kinds of weird places and naked and taking pics of him.  I though I would share the newborn pics we came up with :)

He was a bit fussy because he is going through a growth spurt but he we had fun and got quiet a few good ones we could use.  We must have worn him out because he has been sleeping pretty much all afternoon.  :)  Hope you guys enjoyed I am off to feed the monkey and cook dinner for the rest of the crew.. Have a good one!

Saturday, September 7, 2013


When I had Max I was lucky enough that my gf Amy was there to take picture of all the special moments you might forget or want to cherish when going through the wonderful day of your babies birth. I picked some of my favorite moments she caught to share the story of the day with you.
This is the moment that they said I was at 10 and ready to go.
 This was the monitor we watched all day.
This was me and my hubby when they started to get things ready for me to have max.
 He was such a great support. 
This is me pushing.
Here is the moment the dr caught Max.
Here is the little guy with my dr.
Here is the example of a great moment I would have forgotten.  This is the first time I held Max.  Clearly I would never forget that but what I did forget was..
Them trying to get the monitor unstuck from his hair lol.
Such  sweet little guy and such a great moment.
He is just soo sweet
Our first family photo both a bit choked up.
Here is the screen saying he weighed 8pds 2 oz.
Here is daddy cutting his cord.

Holding daddys hand while he got cleaned up.
Waiting to hold his little man.
Max's feet crossed waiting in the little crib thing.
Daddy holding his baby boy for the first time
Love this.
Daddy had to try his football hat Amy knit him on.
Here is when the girls came to meet their baby brother
I know one thing...this was love at first sight for sure.

So excited to meet her brother.
Could hardly wait her turn to hold the little guy.
Soo in love with baby brother.
So those were a few of my favorite special moments that got caught.  I am soo happy that these were captured. 

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing the moments when this little guy entered our world and changed our lives forever.  :)