Tuesday, April 8, 2014

10 cute easy spring manicures

 It has finally warmed up here in minnesota and I have the itch for some cute spring nails.  Here are some cute easy spring nail designs.

This is super cute mint with silver glitter from kimberly maranan
 cute pastel colored polka dots from willpaintnailsforfood.com
 These are a cute different take on both polka dots and half moon nails.
 This is a very sweet soft look for nails.
 This has four thing I am loving jade, coral, sparkle, and chevron whats not to love.
 This is a very cute alternative to the common pastel colors.
 Stripes and hearts this would work in any colors you love.
 Can't chose? You can always go multi colored.
 Or take that one step further with a sparkle accent nail!
 Or if all else fails and you are in a hurry throw on a great spring color like this coral and a bit of glitter over one for a accent nail.

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