Friday, April 11, 2014

best purchases (most worth the money) for babies.

I thought I would write a post to show what we used with Max.  It is always good to know what was worth the money and what wasn't.  What to grab second hand and where to not.  Lets get started.
The jumparoo: Max loves this thing.  You aren't supposed to use rockers anymore and this gives you a few minutes to get something done with out worrying about them getting into things while they strengthen their legs and entertain themselves.  This also doubles as a exersaucer. so if you have this you can skip on that, save room in your house and some money.
 The vibrating bouncy seat: while Max wasn't a huge fan he is the exception and not the rule.  Every other baby in the family has loved these.  They have saved more then one life through out the 15 almost 16 years our family has used them.  They are pretty easy to find at garage sales this time of year.  Hold out for one that is in good condition, and make sure the vibrate and music have different switches so you don't have to have both on. buy it.
 Bumbo all three of my babies have loved the bumbo.  It has seen allot of use but it look new still.  It is a good thing, portable, and can be used as a booster seat to feed them in a pinch.  It helps them to sit up and later on holds them in one place.  It is compact so good for those who are space challenged. So it can go either way but was a must with all three of mine.  It is a perfect price point for a baby gift throw it on your registry and if you don't get it you can decide if it is a priority then.
 Boppi.: I love my boppis.  I have used one with all three of my kids and Fire Monster loves hers soo much still and sleeps with it every night that she wouldn't hand it down to Max.  He had to get his own.  They aren't meant for sleeping I realize but we are weening max off of the rock and play and he is always trying to sleep on his belly now that he is a crawler so I feel that it is the lesser of two evils.  He is 7.5 months and I keep a close eye so don't shoot me.  They are to help with breast feeding which saves your back and arms but I have been leaning toward the laid back nursing method, but this guy still gets plenty of use for little thing like this.  Buy it.  If you can get one second hand handed down or something jump on it!  Just grab your self a different cover. :)
 breathable bumper if you are going to do a bumper it is the way to go.. buy it. (they are a pain to put up at least with this crib)
 Rock and play...YES YES AND YES BUY IT BUY IT NOW!!  RUN TO THE STORE AND GET ONE.  I think I wouldn't have had any sleep to date it if I didn't have this.  It is one of the few things that I bought first hand (it was around 50$ at target) and was worth every penny. It is like a cradle with straps that go front to back and not side to side. Max would only sleep in this for ever.  He napped in it during the day and it went by our bed at night, it got collapsed and brought to the cities to sleep in when visiting family.  It folds pretty flat to pack up and fold easy and is easy to drag around the house where ever you need it plus you can save on the play yard and bassinet.  BUY IT.
 High chairs:  I never spend much on a high chair because I trade my kids to a strap in booster seat pretty quick because I want them to be used to eating at the table like the rest of the family.  That being said I bought this one on clearance at walmart for 30$ and I love it.  It collapses flat and tiny so it goes to the cities with us and it is great.  If you are going to make your kid eat in it until they are like 3 sure spend big money but I don't believe in that.  Plus then you have to store a big high chair when you are done with it! Nope this is a save for me.
 Swing:  these are very black and white.  Either babies like them or the don't.  They are either a waste of time or huge life saver. I would say before rushing out to buy one (which can be expensive if you want a new one) try a girlfriends on your baby first or borrow one to see if they like it before spending big bucks.

 One thing I say is a splurge is their skin care.  Their skin is so sensitive and they regular stuff is soo harsh.  It really gave my kids skin issues, really brought out problems with eczema and cradle cap.  When I first changed fire monster to burts bees.  I was at my wits end she had cradle cap soo bad her poor hair was just matted to her head.  I bought some at the co-op and it was immediate drastic change.  I have sworn by it ever since.  Max has a small patch of cradle cap and I just max a bit of sugar with it to make a gentle scrub for that area or brush it with a baby brush. 

Well those are this 3 time mamas thoughts.  Have a great day guys.

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