Tuesday, April 8, 2014

girls day haul..

 I got the rare chance to get away for the day this weekend.  It was my first time away from Max for more then a few hours so I was on the fence but I decided last minute to go and I had such a blast.  It was me and two of my girl friends on a road trip to soiux falls s.d. for the whole day.   I thought I would share some of my goodies with you.
I got this great little throw pillow cover for my couch.  It matched the blue in my others perfect, it was inexpensive, and it is super cute.  I might need more when I go back next month!

 I was on the search for something for this wall.  My hubby told me he wanted a big clock for there with roman numerals.  For him this is both unusual because he generally has no input to give and very specific. I had searched high and low went to no less then 7 stores and found this one right here in town at kmart for 10$.  I needed something to go on either side and after much deliberation at hobby lobby we chose the two things on either side.  I am pretty happy with them.
 I grabbed the little mirror to add to my gallery.
 Its cute, gives the wall a pop of color, and gives me some thing to throw on some lip gloss with out going to the restroom.
 I needed some where for the girls to hang up their coats in the entry way. It had to be cute because it was right when you walked in.  I found this little thing with all the cute knobs. I had just picked out a bunch of knobs for my hubby to do this and put them back because this was less expensive and matched perfect.
 These cute flip flops were calling my name at T.J. max. I just loved them too much to leave them behind.  Aren't they adorable.  They remind me of my knit guru Jean.
 When I first walked in T.J. max I saw a purse I loved that would have enough room for my stuff plus a couple Max essentials, But it was 130$ and that wasn't in budget for the day.  I kept looking and found this guy that was super similar just different brand for 24$!  Yes please.
 We also hit Teavana.  I had no intentions of buying anything except maybe a bit of tea.  Then I saw them demonstrate this guy..
It is the teavana perfect tea maker and here is a video on how it works.
It is too cool to pass up and was 30% off and brought it down to 14$.  I am drinking a cup of tea from it right now.
Last but not least are my cute pants from target.. I got some mossimo ankle pants (I am wearing them today  rolled to make more of a capri) 

 They are cute on bright color full and a different fit and color from anything I own.  Here is a pic of the way they fit (not me obviously)
There are a few more things but nothing worth mentioning right now.  I had soo much fun and I am so glad I went.  It really did me some good to get a break from the cutest little boy I know and spent some girl time. Well time to trade loads of laundry and get on with my day while the monkey naps.  Have a great day guys.

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