Friday, April 4, 2014

kitchen progress.

While I am still not done in my kitchen it has made enough progress I feel like I can share it.  This is the look from the dining room.  It is a galley style kitchen.  We will be getting laminate flooring through kitchen and dining room once the weather is warm enough they can cut it outside.
 Now agains the far wall is my drafting table that used to be in my craft room.  I also ordered a cabinet from to get some more storage for food in the kitchen since there isn't much cupboard space.
The drafting table is now sort of a work station  I have our bill sorter on the left.  Up above I have some magnet boards, some pictures the I love, and a frame that I use as a white board.  My lazy suzane has some office supplies, pens, tape, paperclips..what not.  I have my ikea bar with its bins hanging above and it needs sorted through big time.  It has been a bit of a catch all latley and needs some organizing.  I have a wax warmer on the corner and it needs changed out to something more springy. :) 
There is the progress so far in the kitchen besides a bit of organizing and the flooring going in this is pretty much how it it will. I hope you guys are having a great day and have a great weekend.  :)

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