Thursday, April 3, 2014

great new drugstore beauty products.

 I know I have been neglecting the beauty lovers here on my blog but I have two great new drugstore finds for you.  First off is herbal essences came out with a "cleansing conditioner".  Now a cleansing conditioner is what the brand wen claims to be.  I used to be obsessed with wen.  Since I have eczema on my scalp and am constantly trying to find the best thing to treat it.  I also am hypothyroid and that also causes dry skin between that being off and the crazy below zero temps we have had in Minnesota this winter my skin has been awful. 
 I love this stuff so far and it was around 5$ instead of the 50$ I was paying for wen!! Have to love that.  I have been doing a scalp treatment with coconut oil where I run the coconut oil in and wait a while to let it absorb then scrub it.  I then hop in the shower and when I go to shampoo I make a scrub out of sugar and my shampoo (don't stir it much or the sugar will dissolve you can also use baking soda.) This is also how I treat max's cradle cap.

 This winter I have also been trying to step up my skincare.  I am over 30 now and I need to start being a bit more serious about my skincare esp since I have been dry and dull all winter it seems like.  But the world of anti aging can be very expensive, confusing and intimidating.  To me I always feel like the creams are soo much and you don't even know if they work So I ran a video series on of my fav new youtubers was involved in and it was 21 anti aging tips from women over 30!!  Right up my alley.  
This video esp spoke to me.  For one she is cute as a button with her southern accent and for two who doesn't want every thing that she mentions! 

Her tip is microdermabrasion.  She said that this kit from neutrogena for 20$ is awesome and she shows how she does it and everything.   It is supposed to make your skin baby soft and take away the dullness while diminishing fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damage...Well I went out the next day to search this guy out.
She is soo right.  It is soo good.  My skin feels like slippery silk after using this baby and I do what she suggests and do a great mask and serum after.  I love love love it.   I highly recommend it.  There was lots of other tips too if you want to check out the play list.  I hope you guys are having a great day and now that things are settling down with the move I am hoping to post more often :)

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