Wednesday, April 9, 2014

down stairs family room progess.

 This part of the house was definitely one of the most changed.  The before was dark and icky.

 We painted and new carpet went in.  This area is also one of the last to be finished it isn't quiet there yet.  It is mostly a place for the girls to hang out and play and watch tv.  I just got some wall art yesterday for this area.
 To the left of there is my craft area (it needs to be organized and set up better but we are getting there)
 From this angle you can see the girls room down the hall and the hall to the bathroom and laundry room.
 Here is the family room area.  They have the old couches down stairs as well as some bean bag ottomans. 
 We still have a dinosaur t.v. (we are like that commercial where the people get robbed and they leave their electronics.) We have the tv secured up there well btw too.  So you don't think its going to fall on the kids lol.  We have all their movies and some wii stuff and a bin of toys for max there on the shelves.  We also have the desk top on the left waiting to be hooked up for the kiddos.

That is it so far not bad considering it started as this..
 and so far we ended up here.

Have a good day guys.

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