Thursday, June 17, 2010

So I am up way WAY too early. My hubby has been going to bed earlier and I there for have been going to bed earlier and earlier and so when he got up and started getting ready for work at 5:30 I couldn't get back to sleep. So I am up messing around getting ready to head to my sisters for our annual house sitting. My sister packs up her family each June to go to her hubby's family reunion in Wyoming and we pack our troops up and head to her house to care for all the animals and what not. This usually means living a week and half in lap of luxury since they have cable and central air. but since we now have central air and a more comfortable environment it probably just means a bigger house emptied of most groceries lol. but non the less maybe I will get to watch some new deadliest catches:)

Yesterday in my zumba class at the YMCA we taped our version of Shakiras Waka Waka. She has this big thing going for her charity one goal. So when it gets posted I will link it to here :) but this is a pic of all of us girls sweaty after words.

the front two middle are my teachers autumn and angelica and I am there then my neighbor Missy. She spawned Cole who is monkey butts best neighborhood buddy and she rides around the place on his bikes pegs it is way too cute.

Anyway you have that to look forward to when I can get my hands on it. After class I went to get the kids are the day care they threw on their suits and went out to the splash pad for a while. My kids eventually froze and wrapped up in their towels to warm up but Calvsters He played and screamed and splashed and stayed in there until his lips turned purple, was covered in goosebumps and he was shaking like a leaf. I wrapped him up to snuggle him and warm him then he wanted to go back in but I insisted we needed to go home and eat. I fed them then we curled up on the couch to watch Iron man and knit while he asked me the normal calvin questions...

is that tony? Is he building the war machine??? Do good robots always win bad robots?? Whats his name?? Is he a bad guy? Is he sad? Did those army guys die? Is that tony ? and on and on for the entire movie.

but for the rest of the night this sat there and started at me all night. I am almost done with the edge and will go on to arms.

then I will move on to this cute cute had can't wait.

I also threw some Rhodes rolls in this dish when I got home from the gym 5:00 they were ready to go in the oven to I brushed them with a bit of butter and threw some shredded cheese on them and popped them in

mmmm cheese and bread this is all I need for the rest of my life I think lol. but I made baked penne to go with it. So simple cook one pack of whole wheat noodles add one jar of spaghetti sauce then cover with one pack of shredded cheese and I sprinkle with Italian seasoning and bake it quick.

you get this ..

this was our dinner last night and it took less then half hour all said. and for a second time Calvin shocked me by eating all this dinner!!! This is the kid who usually lives off toast waffles and pb&j at home. But since we can't have pb (fire monster is allergic) he has ate every meal. A few years ago he would have starved except for the occasionally waffles I convinced him to eat. I am not even kidding.

but look at this big guy now eating away. He even told me he liked it almost as much as the tacos lol. Every one ate every last scrap on their plate with our so much as asking "can I be done now" or "how many more bites". and they all got a black bean brownie for dessert. :) Notice naughty over seeing dinner like always lol He will be packed up to go house sit with us. He always makes things more interesting when thrown in with the two dog two cat mix at my sis's. Three of them act like he has always been there while the newest cat is soo confused and stalks around behind him looking like "where did that guy come from??"

Well I am off to grab a cup of coffee and pack my cat for a week lol. My calvsters goes home today.

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