Monday, June 28, 2010

fo feather weight cardi

So the feather weight cardi is finally done!!! I of coarse used left over yarn and since I seem to only make things out of yellow and purple that is what I had. My hubby says it is a vikings sweater I didn't intend it that way lol but I guess it does look very vikingish...

ignore the sour puss beside me I don't know what her problem was lol
side view

and here is the front I love it I made changes I made it longer then butter cardi and I made it to my arm circumference instead of chest and because my other one had too big of arm holes. I compensated but making a bigger collar band. I like this one allot better then butter cardi (which I love too) but the fit on this one is just a bit nicer. also I picked up pretty much every stitch when picking up collar instead of 2 for 3. It is over I am done lol

we are back in our own house now I am sooo glad to tell you. I am actually sitting here sweaty from zumba and happy lol. I missed my routine this is nice to get back into it. The hubby went to his buddys cabin over the weekend and while he did that I got this...

Isn't she lovely she followed me home I had to keep her lol. It is 100 percent cotton but has the shine and loveliness of bamboo. I love it. It is going to be a some what cowl by Wendy Bernard. I almost thought about making coachella but I am starting the process of trying to get a breast reduction and I think that would be a great thing to make after. I can actually own a bra that I can wear with coachella lol.

This too followed me home from my favorite lys Knitters Palette. It was great to see Pam (the owner) and I got to hang out with Angela my gf who used to work with me in a very tense awful environment. but she now has Pam who is sweet as pie :) I love the shop and the people.

but I love this more then I can even say with words I think it would have to include words photos and maybe a interpretive dance lol. It organises all of my circular needles which you might have noticed I only knit with circulars about 99.9% of the time. And I am a little bit
anal so just seeing them all in thier place makes my heart grown 10 sizes just like the Grinch.

Well since we had awfully severe weather while the hubby was conveniently gone this weekend(straight line winds up too 100 miles a hour tornado warnings down pours like a freakin monsoon) my hubby now has to work 10 hour days for mosquito control all week to make sure we aren't getting eaten alive worse then usual. :) And I will be working over time all week to dealing with fire monster. Wish me luck people.

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  1. Oooh. That yarn is *lovely* and that needle organizer is so cool! I may have to stop by the shop and drool.