Friday, June 4, 2010

yummy6 sweater and food

This is going to be a random post sorry guys. :)
It is a few things I have had set aside for you .
This was the progress on my feather weight cardi I worked on on my trip. It is made from left over yarn from Juliana and my butter cardi. I love it so far.
These are the loveliest brownies ever. They are the mocha brownies from my pioneer woman cook book. Love them soo much. (thank god I am working out every day or they would have pushed me into polyester moo moos by now lol.

this pizza has a great story. It is bacon cheese burger pizza. When me and my sister moved to the twin cities over 10 years ago it was a huge adjustment going to the huge crowded confusing grocery store. It would take us 3 hours and we would stop in the middle to eat lunch at the deli. They had the best bacon cheese burger pizza the sauce was mustard and it had hamburger bacon and pickles. I make my own at home I mix ketchup and mustard for the sauce and then it is pickles hamburger bacon and cheese yummmmo.
Well off to bed I have my nephew cal this weekend and have to get to the gym in the a.m.

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