Sunday, June 20, 2010

Things I love when I house sit.

So not all of house sitting is shampooing and morbidly obese dogs sleeping on my legs all night. These are some of the things I love at my sisters..

Her Jacuzzi tub... need I say more once you clean the cat hair and dust out of it I love this sucker
don't get excited the pool in the back ground is the neighbors this lotion that she has it is the best face stuff ever wooooo hoo...

hanging laundry out on the line. Don't ask but there is something that I love about it.

this is the beautiful grapevine that grows on there fence. It is pretty and provides privacy (from their kinda dorky neighbors)

When it is trimmed and cleaned up this backyard is huge and nice don't ask about the big bald spot in the middle there used to be a pool there but then it was going to be a garden now it is weeds and a bench lol.

and last but not least my hubby's friends wife who is awesome loaned me these (not that it has anything to do with house sitting) thanks again Dee now I am off to read and hang out with the hubby after a long day of house chores like cleaning the leaves and old lawn furniture that got sent into the dog pin to die. Happy Fathers Day people.

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