Tuesday, June 15, 2010

if you don't already think I am crazy

So here is glimpse two into my crazy. I do this every now and again through out the summer. I soak every ones flips flops in a sink with some oxy clean and then I scrub them with a brush and then I run them through the dish washer on the top rack with out the heat dry. I read in a magazine to do that. Don't put any dish's in there with your shoes btw. I we have allot of flip flops. This really gets them clean I have had the white rainbow ones since I was pregnant with Monkey butt !!! They are seven years old and still white!!! I just take them out and toss them in the sun to dry. :)

I found more flower today at Micheal's and thought wooo great 4th of July and summer clippies
so if you aren't sick of seeing them here are more. I found out the community garage sales is next weekend I am selling all of these my sister is going to make some kids jewelry and I am also going to do temporary tattoos and colored hair extensions.

There are some very pretty carnations

and some Poppy's too. They are great. I am still struggling with the allergies. My hubby has been working over time every day since we have had a week of rain so I have been on my own with the three kiddos so far. But on the plus side I made Indian tacos and Calvin (who is a crazy picky eater of coarse) loved them to pieces!!! He ate a entire taco and two Indian breads with cinnamon and sugar and some applesauce for dessert!!! I had one taco and one Cinnamon sugar!!
I will do the recipe one day. You take roads rolls raise them and then you roll them out and stretch them and the fry them in oil and make normal tacos with them like they are tostadas. They are super filling. I will take pics next time I do it. We do Cinnamon and sugar with some butter on the left over breads for dessert!!! They are great!! My sister made them few weeks ago and I have been thinking of them ever since. :) Well off to be tortured more by three small children who apparently never sleep lol. Have a good night guys

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  1. I wish I were as organized as you are! (Love all your labeled cords, etc.) But I don't think I'd put my footwear in the dishwasher. :(

    All the hair clippies look wonderful. Can you convince the girls to model for the garage sale? I hope you sell lots of them!