Saturday, June 5, 2010

steelcut oats

I am going to share my steel cut oats secrets. I started trying to make them a few years ago. It is a bit of a adjustment from oatmeal. They are more lumpy and creamy. I usually like my oatmeal on the dry side. But I have found great easy ways to cook them and every one (even occasionally the monkey butt) loves them. I make my crock pot into a double boiler. I put a bowl inside and fill the crock pot with water so it comes up quiet high on the bowl. Then you put 1 cup steel cut oats to 4 cups water (maybe a bit of butter)

It will look like this just make sure the water comes as high as the oats water. I have heard if your bowl rests on the bottom of your crock pot you should ball up some foil to put under it or it could crack but mine doesn't touch the bottom. Place it on low go to bed and wake up to this...

It isn't quiet so pretty starting out mix it before serving. We have lots of ways we like to spruce it up I have put some pumpkin in and pumpkin spice we have done plain old brown sugar, we have done chocolate chips, but berries and a dollop of fat free cool whip is about the best thing in the world this time of year yummmmooo. We did raspberries last time but this time we had blueberries. Even my Calvin tried a few bites of mine which was a approval coming from him. He tried my green smoothie yesterday and said"that is disgusting you should throw it in the trash!" lol It wasn't quiet the chocolate banana one I whipped up for him and fire monster but what do you do. Have a good weekend guys.

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