Friday, June 18, 2010

So here is the waka waka video for my zumba class from the YMCA the two girls in the very front are autumn and angelica my teachers this is autumns choreography. Shakira is donating 1$ to one goal for every viewing of the video responses for waka waka. :) This was lots of fun the kids taped one today but it got ruined so they re tape next week. :) I am in second row and by me is my girl friend Missy. Take note of the pregnant lady who is way too cute on the left side. :)

We are still house sitting at the sisters house which means I am tired (since you never sleep as well at someone Else's house), I shampooed lots of carpet today (one of the pets was having issues before they left) and I spent way to much time going up and down stairs. (4 level home). They found out Andy (whom I have blogged about before because he steals food and has the jaws of a rabid crocodile) has diabetes. So he has been on a strict diet and we are watching him close. We took the girls to the drive in theater last night to watch toy story 3 and it was soo great. All four of us loved it. Teared me and the hubby up at the end.

I also have got to catch a few episodes of this seasons deadliest catch. I was very sad and brought to tears because captain Phil was fighting with his son who was stealing medication from him and harsh things were said and done and since Phil passed away after suffering a stroke during unloading (I believe anyway) you don't want things to be left like this. I was in tears watching yesterday. I am way to attached to cranky old crab fishing men I have never met not to mention my crush on Eric Nyhammer captain of the rolo. It just isn't right. My heart goes out to the Harris family and I hope the boys are able to do their dad proud on the boat knowing he is watching over them smoking and sweating it out with a red bull in a better place.

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