Tuesday, December 10, 2013

favorite new drugstore steals and must haves

 I have some new products I have found that I am in love with and I have been waiting to get a chance to share them but Max has been keeping me busy.  He finally is taking a decent nap and I am sitting down to share this with you guys quick.  
Now this isn't the first time I have mentioned my dry skin and now that it is winter in Minnesota and below 0 degrees my dry skin is in full effect and I have been looking for a cream bronzer that I like for contouring.  I tried the sonia kashuk one that is around 10$ it was a bit orange for my pale skin.  Then I saw the elf cream duo.  I love the powder one and this one has been the best bronzer option cream or powder I have found in a long time.  I apply it with the elf small stippling brush and it work fabulous.
 Another thing that is amazing is the real techniques makeup sponge (you can find it at ulta) it is about 5$ and a amazing dupe for the beauty blender the closest I have found yet.  It seems to be holding up amazing I have used it allot and washed it tons and it is great!!!..
  This next drug store love it the elf lip exfoliator it is a lip scrub in lipstick form.  So you don't have to get your hands messy to scrub those winter dry lips.  It is a pleasant brown sugar scrub.  Can't beat the price I can't remember if it was 3$ or 1$ either way soooo worth it.  I do this after washing my face and top it with balm but you should also use it before...
 This amazing matte lip color from elf.  It is in rich red.  It is a prefect blue tone red that makes your teeth look white, it isn't drying, and it great to apply because it is a think pencil type instead of the fat ones you can be extra precise.  It is a great holiday color had great lasting power and is dirt cheap!!  What is not to love.
So there are my drug store finds for the last month.  I hope you give them a shot and I hope you love them  as much as I do :)

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