Friday, December 20, 2013

eye makeup haul and swatches

I bought myself some great eyeshadow palettes and had to share my thoughts and swatches.  
The coastal scents revealed palette I had to get this after I saw emily noels blog post about how 17 out of 20 are dupes for urban decay naked shades.  It was sold out and I signed up to know when it was back in stock not only did it come back in stock but was half price at 10$!!!  Beats paying 50 some for a urban decay palette! 

 Here are what the dupes are
 Here are swatches sorry so messy lol the left side is the top row and the right is bottom side.
Now another thing Emily had posted forever ago was that there was a forever 21 palette that had urban decay dupes but they no longer sold that one so I saw the Natural palette and thought it looked promising.  I believe it was 6$ and omg it is AMAZING quality.  The shadows are literally like butter and crazy pigmented.  I am in love.  I can't find it on the site but this looks more like what emily metioned

The last one I ordered was the nude tude palette by the balm from haute look It was on sale for 18$ 
Now tell me how freakin cute is this palette!!

 They are smooth, pigmented, great quality also.  I enjoy these.
Today I am rocking the forver 21 palette.  I also ordered some adorable stocking stuffers from there but I can't share those until after christmas :)

 Well I am off to have lunch with my handsome boys my hubby has 10 days off starting today!!  So we are going to enjoy the day with only Max James.  Have a great one guys.

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