Wednesday, January 15, 2014

oragnizing and protecting my ornaments

 I have been taking tons of picture and have tons of ideas for posts to share with you guys but I have a high maintenance little boy on my hands.  He currently has rsv and is sick because a coworkers children kept coughing on him last week!!!  I am a FIRM  believer in teaching your kids to cough and sneeze into their elbow (no one wants your germs people) So now this is what I have beside me at the very second in my bed. 
One thing I wanted to share with you guys is how a reorganized storing my christmas ornaments. I have been doing some hard core down sizing and reorganizing around here to help streamline things.  This was one project I wanted to get done. I normally wrap them all in tissue paper and it is a hot mess to deal with.  This year I grabbed a few apple boxes from my hyvee and cut them into pieces and hot glued clear cups onto them.  I stored all the smaller breakable ones on one
 Then stacked some of the non breakable flat ones on top

 then I had two peices of box left and I used these for the taller ones that are higher then the cups.
 I then stacked the other piece on top to protect these
After that i had a few pieces from inside the apple boxes and I used them for some of the bulbs and less breakable ornaments.
 Stacked the other on top.
 I stacked the cup/ cardboard pieces first then the apple box pieces this helps protect them more. 

It worked out soo well it was prefect.  I have them all in there safe and sound.

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