Thursday, January 30, 2014

things I miss and things I don't miss about pregnancy.

 I wrote this list at the end of my pregnancy and since today max is 5 months I thought I would share it! 
Me at 39w

Things I will miss:
Having a built in table for my ice cream/ cereal
feeling the baby move
feeling like you and the baby share some great secret because its just the two of you
the glow

Things I won't miss;
being kicked from the inside
trying to sleep through being kicked (ummm still happens just from the outside) 
swollen hands and feet
mega thick hair (still got it lol) 
not being able to reach things because my belly was holding me soo far back.

Things not to take forgranted:
rolling over in bed
sleeping the whole night
not hitting my belly on everything 
bending over
shaving the backs of my legs
sleeping on my belly or back
wind, beer, and margaritas
having a inny
reaching my feet,
real medications (still can't have those)
hot tubs
blue cheese
lunch meat

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