Sunday, February 2, 2014

we are moving!!

We are moving.  We have been keeping our eye out for a while for something new and We found it this last week.  It is in our same town just a better place.  We will be moving the last week of this month!!  Which means I have a ton to do between packing, painting, cleaning shampooing, unpacking and what not I will be super busy but have tons of organizing/tip/diy posts for you guys. 

I thought for now I would show you a sneak peak of the new abode.   (no our weather isn't this nice lol its off google earth and must have been summer if you would see it now you would most likely think we live in Antarctica lol)  
(ignore the weird abandoned crap people haven't picked up yet!!)
This is the kitchen some one tried painting the cupboards black...I can see where they were going with this they just didn't quiet get there lol.
 It is a split level and this is the view straight from the landing it goes to the kitchen and sliding glass doors to the deck.
 To the left is the living room.  It is one of the few rooms I won't be painting. 
 To the right is our bedroom I will soo be painting this.  The bottom and wood will be painted white and the top a light grey.
 The top portion will be wood still probably and the bottom will be the off white and the lighting fixture will be goners lol
 This is the upstairs bathroom.  I don't love having white tile but I will live lol and the tub is really shallow (boo for a bath loving girl like me!)
 This is maxs room this is one room I probably won't paint because these are his colors anyway lol
This is the opposite wall it will either be a neutral grey or off white.

 The down stairs livingroom wood will be off white and the top will be a neutral taupe.
 the girls bedroom is down stairs and is HUGE it will be a off white on bottom and a neutral blue on top.

All the basement carpeting is being replaced and the ceiling down there and everywhere will be getting new white six panel doors..  I didn't take a pic of the laundry room entry way or their bathroom since there won't be much changed.  So that is the plan so far.  I have been pinning like crazy for moving tips and writing lists and planing where things will go I have color swatches in hand and tomorrow the packing will start!!!
Wish me luck

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