Monday, February 17, 2014

our bedroom progress.

This weekend I spend so much time painting my hands are sooo sore and my back is killing me but I have tons to share with you guys.  I thought I would start with my bedroom.  Here is a pic of the before.
As you can see this wall has some lovely hunter green and a weird khaki going on..
On the other walls is some great wood paneling...yup more.

Well me and my amazing neighbor/gf sam spend all day saturday working and here is the finished project in there.  We have tea biscuit on the bottom and undeniable on the top.

We chose to leave the paneling on the top so that it ties in with the beams in the vaulted ceiling.
Here is the other wall.
The closets will be getting white doors.
Here is the walls before and after one on top of the other.
So long hunter green.
and good bye wood paneling..
I know I am going to feel much more at home with this look.  I can't wait to get my things in there and make a few other changes ...first up the light fixture lol better scroll back if you missed that bad boy.
see you soon guys.

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