Thursday, February 6, 2014

moving day 3/4

Okay so I have really pickup up the pace on the packing.  I have got all the wall art down and the holes patched, the kitchen is mostly packed a few drawers yet to go in there and I kept out things that we use on a regular basis because we still have just over two weeks left until the move.   I also got the guest room all packed up and dusted some of the walls.  I have been cleaning things as I go too.  I had a few things I did in the process that I wanted to share. 
In Max's room there was some vinyl wall decals up and he loved them He would touch them and look at them while I got him dressed and changed his butt and I knew I wouldn't be able to find either set again  so I tried to think of a way to move them.
I took out some freezer paper and laid it on a flat surface with the wax side up and carefully placed them on there and I just stacked one sheet on the other until I had them all off the wall.

 I then rolled them and stuck them inside these tubes of other decals to make the move.
 This guy is the only one enjoying them move.
 Okay as for my kitchen drawers I took them and placed them inside of gallon size baggies like so and stacked them all inside the same box.
 I also found when packing that I have some almost used up candles I don't want to pack so I decided to clean out my wax warmer and burn those up before the move.
 Here is how I am using the utensil drawer that has like the can opener and cookie scoops and such.  I took them and wrapped them in plastic wrap for the move.
 This guy hasn't been cooperative.  But he did occasionally cat nap today.  This was where he napped best today.  But I had to wait for him to be asleep so I could run out in the -30 weather to grab boxes from our detached garage, but then once I got the boxes in I couldn't tape them to start filling so I just started pulling everything out of the cupboards and drawers that needed packed and whipping those out as I went. 
That is how this mess was created!!!!
It looks like I am a hoarder!!!  I did finally get it all packed about 5:15 tonight and am taking a break.  I used towels and throw blankets to help protect some of the pitcher and stuff and I used those wine box inserts to protect my wine glasses and other glassware.  I am exhausted and cranky and sitting with a heating pad on my back right now.  I don't do well with things out of place or messy.  So this sort of stuff is really hard for me and I want it done and organized right away then over with and I put everything back in its place as fast as I can.  Well I am going to relax and watch some tv until bed time because tomorrow I have another long day ahead of myself.  On the plus side Benji will be home to help me with it.

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