Monday, February 3, 2014

moving progress day 1

I thought I would give you guys a bit of a update on the move progress.  Today we went and signed our lease and picked our paint colors with the new landlord.  (who I might add is the nicest guy ever and I am not just saying that because my landlord now is a 100% jerk). So we got the painting plan of attack in order, today the guy is putting in the white six panel doors, and tomorrow the new ceiling comes, so we could be painting by the weekend.  These are the colors we are going with.
I went to get boxes but couldn't get my hands on any but a gf of mine is going to get me a bunch so I can get that process going.  For now I printed the check list from here and am going to get started.  So for today I am starting a file with all my paper work (lease and what not) I am going take inventory of all our big furniture pieces and plan where they will go in the house.  I will put together our important papers together so that they can be moved with us. I am also going to price out moving trucks. So that is what can be accomplished today :)  So 23 days until move time (roughly) ;)

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