Monday, February 17, 2014

girls room

The last painting project I took on was the girls room.  They are going back to sharing a room and they don't even care because it is HUGE like 12feet by 20feet.  The one big problem with the room was..its maroon

Yup straight up maroon!!  Flat moron maroon paint at that!!!  So not kid friendly.  It had to go.
Besides the size a big selling point for this room was the "fort" or crawl space in the closet.  You can see it in the closet in this pic.  It is a lit storage space and the girls are getting a rug for it and some cushions and they are going to have a hang out in there.
Here is the after.  Keep in mind the before pictures were taken midday and these were at night it is still that much brighter!!
We chose prelude for the top color and then good old tea biscuit for the bottom half.  It took 11 hours straight to prime and paint this!!!  If I ever meet the person who lived here before me I am going to punch him in the face!!. 
It really opened it up and it looks bigger and much brighter.
Here is one before and after (ps all the junk ;laying around was stuff the people before left behind!!)
Much better I can't wait to go see it during the day.
I haven't seen it during the day because I had a lazy snuggle day with max james after all that work!!Well I have to get dinner out of the oven :) Have a good one guys.

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