Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Progress on house

 Yesterday the new carpet went in down stairs.  It looks very nice.  I am very happy with it. It matches the girls room now which it didn't before.

 Speaking of which here is some pics of their room during the day most of the finished pics I had been taking were during the night because the projects all took so long it was dark by the time I got done...

 I put back up all the outlet faceplate. 

Well we have two days left in our current house and tomorrow the new white six panel doors will be going up as well as the new tub surround.  If I get time I will sneak over and get some pics of the finished product for you guys.  But for now it is time to wash my face and crawl into bed.  I am exhausted today because a certain handsome guy hasn't been sleeping well.  I can't wait to get down stairs and use my cleanse off oil.. ( It is like a mac cleanse off oil I love this stuff and plan on sharing the recipe for my diy cleanse off oil but haven't had time to set up the post but it is on the list for sure) Good night guys.

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