Thursday, February 27, 2014

new house. Max's room/ dining room

We are in the new house and working hard on unpacking.  I have most of the boxes up packed and a few of the rooms are pretty much how I like them.  First off is this guys room..

Let me refresh your memory of before .  Bright blue walls and
wood paneling..

Lots of wood paneling.

I added the grey to off set the blue and here is Max's finished room.
I changed out the 70s globe light fixture for a more modern lamp shade hung back up his wall art (the decopage name, bunting, wall decals and frames)

Here  is a look at the other wall.  I have since found his other green bins, so this is full now.

His crib and what not are all set up this corner looks a bit bare now though but that is only because his puffs haven't been moved over from the old house they will go in the corner there.

Another room I have done is the dinning room.  The one thing that isn't finished is the laminate flooring isn't in yet  But you will get the gist.
The hutch is in the corner.  Before I used it in the living room for the tv and dvds and such.  Now it is in the dining room with dishes.
Here is the wall that the room shares with the living room.
 I have my sofa table here now before it was in my bedroom.

And this shelf was set up roughly like this before. It had the same picture above it and stored roughly the same things.
That is all I have for you thus far.  I have allot more accomplished since I took these pics but fire monster has been home the past two days so between her and max barely got a thing done around here.   Well off to fold a million loads of laundry.  Have a good one.

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