Thursday, March 13, 2014

house progress.

I have been missing for a while because I have been working hard unpacking and getting life back to normal for my family.  I made a bit of progress and I thought I would share it.  This is the living room which is in progress right now.

 We got our new couch which is a lazy boy and I moved the old couch down stairs .   The love seat will not be staying where it is but I will get to that.
 Here is the opposite side of the room it has our glider the sofa table book shelf and a bunch of max toys.
 I decided not to get another love seat to go in the living room.  I chose to get a chair and the rocker instead.   This is the chair I ordered from target.  My girlfriend pat has a slipper chair from target and it is cute and comfortable so I decided I would mix it up and give it a shot. 

But if you are going to have a chair like that you need a ottoman to put your feet up so I was looking at the garter stitch puffs I have seen around they are normally 80$ and up but I found this one at walmart for 40$!!   So I am having that shipped site to store for free.
Another thing I ordered from target was a cabinet.  We have really poor storage in the kitchen  and the few cupboards we do have have small shelf's so things like syrup and oil don't fit inside and they can't be adjusted. so I measured and the larger cabinet in this picture will fit right beside the drafting table!  Not the most classy but It will work for the purpose I need for sure!

I also put up a wall collage out of my maternity pictures from this summer.
It needs a few things but I will look for some things to fill it out in the cities this weekend.
Max's puffs are moved over and he is back in business.
I will have more to share soon but I need caffeine while Max naps.  So I will have to share more later.  Have a great day guys

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