Tuesday, April 30, 2013

nursery projects and progress

 Okay so I wanted to make some cute little wall art with the babies name.  So I ran to my good ole stand by the dollar tree.  I grabbed 3 pictures (sorry if you disagree with covering pics of the virgin mary or um..not sure who these are but they work perfect for wall art and at a dollar a piece can't beat it!)
 Then when I was in Sioux falls for a endo apt. I grabbed some fabric and some wooden letters at hobby lobby.  I opted for the pre-glittered letters (save me a step and some mess)  I then covered each pic with some mod podge.
 Then place the fabric over and smooth it to make sure there is no bubbles.  Then cover the top with at least one nice even coat of mod podge.
 Once that was dry I cut a square out of each corner and busted out my trusty hot glue gun.  I glued the fabric to the sides and back like so..

I centered the letters and glued them on.  and there you go some cute wall art for my baby boys room.
Here is the finished product hanging behind the rocker.  Fire monster is practicing reading baby books that she is handing down to Max.  She is very excited to read to him ;)
 I also changed out the girl colored poms for some that fit the color of his room and moved them over so they will hang over the crib (when we get one lol)
 That is all I have accomplished so far on the room since last post.  We took most of the non baby stuff out this weekend.  Next weekend my hubby is going to build me a nail polish rack to mount my nail polish collection out of the way.  :)  I have how ever been working on baby knitting projects.  Here is the progress on Max's baby owl cocoon. :)
 The pattern is owlie sleep sack by Teresa Cole.  I followed Perches alterations except I don't think I will make it longer (she states her babies are long and well fire monster will be 6 and she is still wearing 4t if she is lucky and things run small its a 5t lol) 
So far happy with the progress and just a nice easy mindless stop and go project you can leave and pick up as you please with out any confusions.  Hope you guys are having a good one :)

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