Tuesday, April 23, 2013

family dinner gender reveal.

 Okay so this weekend we drove up to the cities (twin cities) to have a gender reveal for my side of the family.  After a long day calling all over the place I finally found someone who I could order cake pops from.  I didn't want to make them go through all the steps of making them myself here and try to get them 3 hours away to the cities in one piece.  I ordered from Kendras cakes and creations I wanted them to be very neutral on the outside and they were to be blue on the inside.  She did a great job and they weren't the kind that were just cake inside they had the frosting mixed in so they were not only adorable but delicious.  I loved it.  I had lunch with a few of the knit gurus and shared the news with them then headed back to the family.
 Before dinner everyone ate their pop and found out it was a BOY. 
 I intagramed some pics to share the news.

we ordered a big dinner from gesippes and chowed down and then sat around doing nothing at family dinner like always lol  Here is my sister melissa screwing around with her phone.  (I am not 100% sure she will ever know fully how to work it lol)
 Here is my brother jeremy and amber my soon to be sister in law. 

this one doesn't look like much but calvin is inside the box.   Him and Fire monster played in that box all day.  They had holes poked out for eyes and ran around all day playing in the box (under the watchful eye of zoey the mother hen Weimaraner of coarse)
So there we have it the family knows and I have started planing and purchasing and making things.  I will share as things go but I wanted to make sure and share the rest of this story.  I finally have a day with no kids Even though we had another day of this yesterday..

They did not cancel school for once which is fabulous because fire monster has her field trip today and it has already been canceled once! So she gets to have a fun day and  I can take some pics and throw up some posts as well as bake and try to work on my little boys room and get mine cleaned up a bit, finish my book, swing over to the library and pic up the book I have put on hold that finally came in and start a new knitting project for the baby..  :)  (I have big plans we will see how far they get me lol)  Have a good day guys.

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