Monday, April 8, 2013

monday mani

 So today I tried something different for my nail art.  It was something I saw in pinterest forever ago and I never remembered to pick up the markers for it.  I finally remembered yesterday to pick up a set of metallic permanent markers when I was at walmart yesterday. I got this multi pack for 1.99 and it had purple, gold,sliver ,and blue  The idea is that you paint your nails and then once they are dry before you do your top coat you draw what ever you want for your design then put your top coat on.  It even said if you mess up you can just clean it off with a cotton pad (or cotton ball) and some rubbing alcohol.  It totally worked  I had a hard time drawing straight with my left hand and had to start over.   

Here is my end product...
Now remember this was my first attempt with this. I did a coat of my normal base coat (olry bonder) then two coats of insta dry mint spring.  I painted my top coat on all my nails except the ones I was going to do nail art on.   Then I added the silver stripes on my ring finger then was going to do polka dots on my middle finger but realized I couldn't do polka dots with my left had so changed that giraffe.  All in all it was easy to work with and will so be using this more often.  I did hearts chevron giraffe and stripes on Fire Monsters.  (she wanted a little bit of everything).  So there you have todays monday mani.

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