Tuesday, April 23, 2013

weekend haul

 Over the weekend in the cities I had some things I needed to grab (and some that I got whether I needed them or not)  So here are the things I picked up :)  I stopped in Sallys because I needed some combs (mine were on their last legs, and a new top coat.  Polish's were buy two get one free.  So I got out the door top coat (which seems to be awesome and doesn't have the bad chemicals my beloved seche vite has) but it works just as good from what I could tell.  The two orly colors I got are okay but the problem is the formula is not good.  It takes more then two coats to be opaque. I haven't tried the china glaze yet.
 We had a eyebrow waxing mishap with my sister (sooo not my fault my niece and her friend were making her laugh and she wouldn't sit still) but anyway we were looking for a good brow pencil for her.  Our first stop was khols because I had heard the american beauty one was supposed to be amazing but the testers were old and totally dried.  When I would try to swatch them on my hand they crumbled and fell apart and they wouldn't put a new one out to try so...we went to ulta instead.  We found a few different ones that seemed to work.  (the best of which for her blond hair was essence in blond) 

But here is what I picked up.  I had two 4$ off coupons for almay and they were b2g1 so I grabbed a brow pencil for my sis (which she has it was decent too) a eye makeup remover (mine is almost out) and a almay get up and grow, a nyx dewy finishing spray and a nyx jumbo pencil in milk.

 I also grabbed a tangle teezer which I have heard great things about.  I am glad I did because my girls love it.  Fire monster is normally a monster to get her hair done but she doesn't fuss at all when I brush her hair with this.
Then only other thing I grabbed that was beauty related was this soho makeup sponge from walgreens.  It is supposed to be just like the beauty blender but is more like 7$.  I have to say I LOVE it.  It holds more water and is softer and more pliable then any of the other ones I have tried.  Totally recommend this.

That is all I bought beauty related.  The only thing I am not happy with so far is the orly polish's I will stick to a different company from not on (besides my holy grail bonder base coat)

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