Friday, April 19, 2013

20w 2d update

Sorry this is late.  It has been a crazy week.  We got hit by another blizzard!!!  Yes you heard me another blizzard in the second half of April!!  Pretty sick of snow.  But because we had another blizzard my whole week was sorta turned upside down.  I had to make a last minute trip to Sioux falls to help a girl friend who is almost 37 weeks pregnant return some things before she wasn't allowed to travel that far her window got down to one day due to the storm.  So We pulled monkey butt out a few minutes early from school and made the run.  (she had a defective swing and play pin two things you need when you bring a baby home)

Anyway also yesterday just as I was about to head out for a VERY much needed pedi. I got the call that the kids had been early released due to the storm so had to pick them up (which mean my nails still are gross) We also had to go out and grocery shop last night because we leave for the cities today.  ( We get all kinds of discounts on gas when we buy our groceries last trip we saved 11$) so we braved that.  Today was a two hour late start so once I got monkey butt to school I came home to work on laundry get packed for the trip and throw up my weekly update :)

We had a ultrasound which went great.  The little monkey is moving like crazy.  I posted those pics and some videos of the baby clearly working on some yoga moves in my belly.  After about half a day of trying I found a lovely friend of a friend to bake my 24 gender reveal cupcake pops and I also put a rock and play on hold for my little monkey :)  I am excited for the weekend I will get to see my good gf luann eye and do her hair,  I will see and reveal to my family (who are of coarse great) and I will even get to see a couple of my knit gurus and do a gender reveal for them!  I am very excited about that.

I will try to get some good pics at the gender reveals over the weekend.  But for now I have to feed Fire monster and get finished packing :)

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