Wednesday, April 10, 2013

19w update

So this week has been crazy.  It started out average.  Monkey butt went to her dads for the weekend.  My maternity swim suit came in on saturday and I took Fire Monster swimming Saturday.  After that the hubby wanted to see Jurrasic Park 3d.  So we took her to that.  Everything on the weekend and through monday went smooth.  Then tuesday came!!!  Monkey Butt forgot her snow boots at her dads and it was naturally I got yelled at and she demanded I go buy her some (like anywhere has boots on april 9th at 7 am) Needless to say she went to school in tennis shoes.  Then it really started snowing.  They canceled school at 10:30 since I would have felt horrible making her walk home from the bus stop in shoes in the snow I went to pick her up...big mistake.  The snow we were getting was a layer of ice covered in about 5'' of thick wet slushy snow.  We were sliding every where.  I got stuck 7 times some of the times in middle of intersections and almost slid down a steep embankment in to a ditch (we are talking inches from this which probably would have flipped us)  then was stuck in the drive way side ways and had to have Benji come home and get the car in the garage.

Every since that happened I was having bad pains in my lower abdomen and back.  They hurt worse when I moved and I really wasn't feeling the baby.  So we had a emergency ultrasound at 8:30 am this morning.  Every thing was fine I just have pulled some tendons and muscles and I am supposed to ice things, push fluids, and pop the tylonal.  I did find out the gender but I am not going to tell you guys yet because when we go home for the weekend of the 20th we are doing a gender reveal for my family so you will have to wait until then.  I would love to hear your guesses on the gender though.  I did pick up cupcakes and balloons in the genders color and threw them in the trunk and drove them to my hubby at work to surprise him and took cookies and balloons to monkey butt at school.  I am exhausted and sore and trying to stick to the couch but Fire monster has been something else today and refuses to behave so it has been rough. I am looking forward to the hubby being home and taking her off my hands.  I am also looking forward to feeling better so I can start decorating the nursery.  That is the update for the week :)  Lets hear some gender predictions..

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  1. No guesses. I'll just wait for the "big reveal" :)