Monday, April 29, 2013

make up must haves from drug store.

We all know I love make up and I try pretty much everything out there.  I have some high end and drug store but I am one that if I can find a awesome product that is on hand at the drug store and way less $ I am all about that.  So I thought I would share with you guys my drug store must haves.
the soho make up sponge is great!  It is soft and cushy like the beauty blender (where as some of the other knock offs can be more dense and hard) it costs around 5$ where as a beauty blender is around 20-30$.  They can be found at walgreens.
 Revlon nearly naked powder.  This is very finely milled which means that it won't be cakey and powdery but blurs things and sets you make up and foundation fabulously.  I wear this EVERY day.

 cover girl olay concealer.  I have some pretty nasty under eye circles.  Between not sleeping well, allergies, and genetics there are pretty hard to cover up.  I don't like something drying or creasing so this is perfect.  It covers well  while brightening.  I always apply this in a triangle shape from the inner corner of my eye down my nose and out to the outer corner of my eye.  It brightens the area and makes you look more awake.  I blend it gently with my finger then dab it with a sponge to pick up any excess and prevent creasing and set it with my powder.

nyx blushes are great.  I have two and thy are reached for quiet a bit they are 5$ at ulta and usually bogo the left is bourgeois pig (a nice matte) and pinched and (shimmery pink)
 wet and wild has amazing quality and at 3$.  I always wrote them off because they were so inexpensive but the quality of some of there products just can't be matched in the drug store and is right up there with mac, nars, and some of the other high end high price brands. the left is mellow wine (nice matte) and pearlescent pink (a shimmer pink dupe for nars orgasm) these are mega pigmented so barely touch your brush to them then tap off access.
I have two great affordable options for contouring or bronzing your face.  I love nyc sunny it is a great matte bronzer available most places and is around 3$
 This elf blush bronzer duo is a dupe for nars luguna/ orgasm duo which is 41$ but this is just 3$!!!  Can't beat that.

Loreal magic lumi primer. This is great to get that dewy glow to your skin.  It is a primer but I rarely use it as one I usually put a tiny amount on the back of my hand then dab my make up sponge in it and tap it along the top of my cheek bones, on my cupids bow, then blend it out.  It gives a great glow.
I have very sparse light eye brows so I fill them in every day.  I have tried lots of things but these two are my tried and true.  I love my nyc brow kit.  I don't use the wax. I go through with a pencil I use the powder and a angled brush and it gives a softer more natural look.  the color on these is a good neutral brown and has lots of staying power.
 The pencil I prefer is the remmil bow pencil.  The color is a great neutral with not a ton of red in it and not too dark.
My favorite must have drug store liquid eye liner is loreal 12 hr infallible super slim liquid lacquer eye liner.  It is nice and dark and has a very pointed tip.

 This is a new must have Nyx jumbo pencil in milk.  I run a line of this under my brows and blend it out giving them a perfectly looking groomed brow :)
 remmil londons scandaleyes liner in nude.  It is a great soft liner and used on lower water line brightens your eyes and makes them look larger and more awake with out the harshness of a white liner.
I have been super hooked on my loreal infallible shadows for months now.  There is rarely a day goes by I don't wear them.
  I have iced latte (a champagne color dupe for stellas kitten on the right) and blinged and brilliant a nice rose gold color on the left.  I love these they are a pressed pigment.  They are best applied over a base with your fingers.
 any of my wet and wild shadow pallets.  There quality is unmatched for sure.  I love all of them I chose a few of my favorites.  the drinking a glass of shine comfort zone and sweet as candy.  They are all amazing and mega pigmented.  You have to try them the largest pallets go for 5$.
 Maybelline 24 hour tattoo shadows.  These are great I mostly wear them as bases for my shadow but sometimes in a hurry they are a great crease free swipe of color.  My fav lately is this pink but bad to the bronze is well loved too

I love lots of lip colors but I can guarantee not a day goes by that I don't put on some baby lips.  I have tons of these around the house.  :)

 Here is a typical every day face lately  I used nyc sunny for my contour (a bit washed out) wet and wild pearlesant pink for blush, both eye brow products = nyx milk, on my lid I have blinged and brilliant crease is the 3rd left on wet and wild comfort zone and outer corner is bottom left , My highlight is the lumi primer.  I

 This is a average go to look for me lately.  :)  I hope you guys enjoy the tips and give some of the products a try they are for sure worth it. :)

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