Tuesday, April 16, 2013

20 week ultra sound

 Today I had my 20 week ultrasound.  Things looked great as far as I can tell.  There was the right amount of fingers and toes, 4 working chambers to the heart, great spine, all the facial features, every thing you want to see.  So unless there is something in the details I wouldn't know about looks like our wiggle worm is good to go.
This is the profile.  you can see the head a leg and a hand up by the head.  The wiggle worm was getting sick of being poked but didn't want to turn out so we could get a decent profile shot.

Here is a foot.   (the one that has been kicking me in the bladder no doubt lol

So things are looking good I will get finally reading at some point today  :) I had offered Monkey Butt to come but Mrs conscientious was worried about missing her standardized testing!!! (where did that kid come from!!!) At any rate now I cant rest at ease and enjoy the rest of my afternoon with the kiddos in school while watching the deadliest catch marathon  (can't wait you know I love my deadliest catch!

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