Monday, April 22, 2013

monday mani

I wanted to throw up a quick monday mani.  I actually painted my nails quick today between chores errands, working on changing over the babies room.  The color I did was Orly skinny dip(very appropriate considering we are having ANOTHER snow storm right now this very moment lol.  Just a heads up I am not a fan of the formula of these orly polishes I bought I wanted a china glaze color that was sold out so this way the closest thing.  The formula before the top coat is sorta dull almost matte and even though I did two coats there it didn't give great coverage! I bought a couple of polishes over the weekend (I will try to do a haul of the little bit of goodies this weekend)
Okay I have a hair cut swinging over after work So I need to get ready for that, then it is time to cook dinner for the family and get back to work on cleaning up my mess down stairs and getting things moved over from girl cave to babies room.

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