Friday, April 26, 2013

friday f.o. windrows

Time to actually share some knitting seeing as this is a knitting blog..right? This week I finished monkey butts socks.  The pattern I knit was windrows by Cat Bordhi..  It is in the book  personal foot prints.  I love the way these socks fit.  I have made quiet a few patterns from this book.  I think it throws people because you knit the foot in one piece while placing some life lines and then once the heel is closed you cut one stitch and pick up the stitches from the life line while unwinding the one row.  It is not as scary as it sounds and your socks fit amazing.  they don't have that star shaped hole at the corner like some can too.
 She loves these and they were knit out of on your toes bamboo.  One of our favorite yarns. I knit my summer flies shawl out of it and also monkey butts owlie socks.  They are her favorite pair.  I think it is in part because of this amazing soft buttery yarn.

So hopefully she will get just as much wear out of these pretty spring like socks.  Now that I am done with my last project I started before finding out the sex of the baby I am moved on to baby knits.  Currently working on a owlie sleep sack for the baby boy.  I worked on some new projects for the nursery today between that and the stuff I have on my hubbies honey do list for the weekend I should have more updates for you on that soon ;)
Have a good day guys

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