Wednesday, August 15, 2012

summer flies

 So I figured that since next Monday marks the beginning of the school year for my kiddos it would be a great time to finish and share my summer flies shawl..
 Let me start by saying I am in love with this shawl.  It is my favorite one I knit ever!!!  I used size 6 needles and kertzer on your toes bamboo.  The yarn is soft and light and just what you would want for this type of shawl I LOVE it!!!

 I love the open knotted work which looks complicated but is fairly simple.

 I love the size it turned out and I love the drape.

The look of the whole piece is wonderful I think. I love that I can wear it tied underneath for a nice shrug like non grandma shawl style

or wrapped around to the front. 

I had considered doing the lace boarder instead of the picot cast of but I didn't have enough yarn and I am sorta glad I didn't.  I did how every add to the pattern since I was using fingering weight and size 6 which it calls for 9s and worsted!  So I added a few extra rows of the knotted open work because it is soo beautiful and I added a extra round of everything to make bigger. The way I did it was on what would be your 5th row of eyelets I k3,yo,(k10,m1)unitl last 3 then yo k and each time after that the pattern would call for increases I increase by 10 so next time I k20 m1 then time after k20 m1.  It was total guess work but it turned out perfect so I must have got it right lol

This will definitely be going with me to the wedding at the end of the month!!  Can not recommend this pattern enough. I will be making a worsted weight one too I have a feeling. Enjoy guys !

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