Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ravellenics 2012 (knit olympics project) damask

 It is that time again yes the knit olympics are in full swing.  I carefully chose my yarn and project.  I wanted a challenge so I went with damask which is deceivingly complicated looking and chose malabrigo lace in lettuce.  As I cast on 333 stitches during opening ceremonies I thought oh crap.  Two hours in I was 3 rows in!!! but never the less since this started at the widest point it gained speed quickly.  Never the less I got it accomplished. 

 Here is the complete finished project
 blocked and ready to go.  I wore it to a reception already last weekend.
 The day after the reception I got to meet up with my knitting gurus which is such a treat!!  I love spending time with my gurus.  I worked on these as I sat on Lynns' patio in her fabulous back yard and enjoyed organic lemon-aid and some cheesecake! I got these pretty much finished there.
Rainbow socks #2  I love them but they seem a tiny bit big.  They are pomatomus by cookie a and they are knit out of cascade heritage.  Well I am off the catch up on some trueblood while the monkey is busy and work on my new wip I am obsessed with my summer flies shawl knit out of on your toes bamboo which I am loving!!! see ya

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  1. Your Damask is beautiful and looks lovely on you! Congrats on making your Games goal!