Tuesday, August 21, 2012

breakfast cookies

Okay so I was messing around on pinterest the other day and ran across "breakfast cookies"  This brilliant creation came from vicki e's blog whatching what I eat.  Seeing as fire monster is a bear to get up in the morning I thought this would be right up her ally.  She has to get up at like 6:30 next week in order to be out the door shortly after 7 to make the bus.  Well seeing as I had to drag her out of bed at 9:30 literally to get to the gym yesterday I thought this would be a great alternative. They are really brilliant. here is a link to the recipe at vicki e's blog.  I whipped up a double batch.  they are sorta like if a granola bar and a cookie and a bowl of oatmeal had a baby.  They beat the heck out of the handful of chex mix she ate on the way out the door yesterday on the way to the gym lol

They are really hard to describe.  You don't add in flour sugar eggs any of the norm for cookies its just oatmeal bananas applesauce nuts and craison.  For mine I added in double the nuts (slivered almonds) and dried cherries.  They were yuummy.  You have to smoosh them because they don't raise or spread and they used my normal cookie scoop but I would trade to a muffin size scoop these were a bit small from the cookie scoop for my taste :) 

You know maybe fire monster would be more of a morning person if she would stop pulling things like this

I was reading in bed night before last and I went to get a drink and go potty what do I find but her passed out on the stairs hiding in wait.  When my gf sam asked her if she slept on the stairs she said"yeah because my mom wouldn't turn off her lamp and quit reading!"  She was just waiting for it to be dark to pounce! Little monster

Off to my morning shake (and maybe sneak a few more cookies ;)

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